Tanzania Livelihood Baseline Profile
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Food Security Livelihood Baseline Profile

Handeni Pangani Lowland Sesame Livelihood Zone September 2014
Tanga Maize and Orange Midlands Livelihood Zone March 2015
Bagamoyo Maize & Sesame Midland Livelihood Zone March 2015
Kilimanjaro Meru Highland Coffee Zone October 2014
Northern Maasai Pastoral Livelihood Zone October 2014
Babati Kwaraa Maize & Pigeon Pea Livelihood Zone October 2014
Kiteto-Kongwa-Mpwapwa-Mvomero Maize, Sorghum and Pigeon Pea Livelihood Zone December 2015
Bahi-Kintinku Lowland Paddy, Sorghum, Maize & Livestock Livelihood Zone December 2015
Iramba Midland Maize, Sorghum and Sunflower Livelihood Zone December 2015
Manyoni Maize, Green Gram, Sunflower & Livestock Livelihood Zone December 2015
Tabora Singida Midland Maize, Millet, Sunflower & Livestock Livelihood Zone December 2015
Kilombero-Ulanga-Lusewa Paddy, Maize, and Cassava Livelihood Zone March 2015
Kilosa-Mvomero Maize and Paddy Lowlands Livelihood Zone September 2014
Matombo-Mkuyuni Cassava, Fruit Tree & Sesame Livelihood Zone March 2015
Bagamayo Kibaha Midland Cashew Livelihood Zone October 2014
Mtwara-Lindi Plateau Cashew & Sesame Livelihood Zone October 2014
Matumbi Upland Fruit and Sesame Livelihood Zone October 2014
Liwale-Nachingwea Cashew and Maize Livelihood Zone October 2014
Southeastern Plateau Cashew Livelihood Zone October 2014
Singida-Dodoma Bulrush Millet, Sorghum, Sunflower & Livestock Livelihood Zone December 2015
Southern Maasai Agro-Pastoral Livelihood Zone February, 2016
Tanga Maize and Cattle Livelihood Zone February, 2016
Western Usambara-Pare Highlands Livelihood Zone February, 2016
Tanga-Pwani Coastal Belt Livelihood Zone April, 2016
West Simanjiro-Monduli Agro-Pastoral LivelihoodZone April, 2016

Babati-Mbulu Cattle, Maize, Beans & Onions Livelihood Zone April, 2016

Mbulu-Karatu Midlands Maize, Beans & Livestock Livelihood Zone April, 2016

Manyara-Singida Maize, Sorghum, Beans & Sunflower Livelihood Zone April, 2016

Chalinze-Ngerengere Maize, Sesame & CattleLivelihood Zone February, 2016

Kilombero-Mvomero Paddy, Maize & Sugarcane Livelihood Zone February, 2016

Morogoro Highland Maize & Vegetable Livelihood Zone April, 2016

Dodoma Lowland Cereals, Oilseeds & Grapes Livelihood Zone April, 2016








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